Mario in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Species: Human
Age: 25
Status: Active
Relationships: Luigi (older brother)
Friends: MarioMario54321, Luigi, Star world counterparts and the 4D counterparts
Enemies: Bowser's minions, Dimentio's minions, Zythurvion, Novuscurous, and the Dopplegangers
Likes: Luigi, Princess Peach, Cheese Burgers, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, MarioMario54321 and his fans, Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and Stars!
Dislikes: CandyCao7, Oiram, Igiul, OiramOiram12345, Dimentio, Fawful, and the Dark Star X.
First appearence: Donkey Kong (first game appearence)
Mario Jumps to the Castle (first appearence)
Latest appearence: Mario Jumps to the Castle
Appearences: Every Blooper, Super Mario series.

Mario is the main character in Ivander Yuanata's and many other's Bloopers and is the main character of the Mario series.

Mario is usually a main character that is usually focused on in MarioMario54321's videos.

In Ivander Yuanata's videos, Mario can be VERY crazy when he's mad, which usually never happens in the games. He cares about Luigi and MarioMario54321. (This kind of thing actually stems from MarioMario54321's feelings about some things, since Ivander Yuanata makes the videos.)

Color codeEdit

8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 7F00
8107EC24 0000
8107EC26 7F00
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A FF00
8107EC2C 0000
8107EC2E FF00
8107EC38 7F00
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC3C 7F00
8107EC3E 0000
8107EC40 FF00
8107EC42 0000
8107EC44 FF00
8107EC46 0000
8107EC50 7F7F
8107EC52 7F00
8107EC54 7F7F
8107EC56 7F00
8107EC58 FFFF
8107EC5A FF00
8107EC5E FF00
8107EC68 390E
8107EC6A 0700
8107EC6C 390E
8107EC6E 0700
8107EC70 721C
8107EC72 0E00
8107EC74 721C
8107EC76 0E00
8107EC80 7F60
8107EC82 3C00
8107EC84 7F60
8107EC86 3C00
8107EC88 FEC1
8107EC8A 7900
8107EC8C FEC1
8107EC8E 7900
8107EC98 3903
8107EC9A 0000
8107EC9C 3903
8107EC9E 0000
8107ECA0 7306
8107ECA2 0000
8107ECA4 7306
8107ECA6 0000

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