Goomba, as seen in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Species: Evil Mushroom
Status: Alive (died sometimes)
Friends: Koopa Troop
Enemies: Mario and his friends
First appearence: Super Mario Bros.

The Goomba is one of the very first enimeie in the Mario Series and troops in the Koopa Troop. They are one of the first enemies to appear in Super Mario 64, in Bob-Omb Battlefield. They are also on the portrait of Tiny Huge Island. Their 4D counterparts are Bluebas, and their Moon World counterparts are Moonbas. Goombas are a very common enemy in the Mario series. They are very easy to defeat, by stomping on them and killing them. They will either drop a coin, or nothing. Goombas sometimes don't serve Bowser's Koopa Troop, as some are neutral are allies, like Goombario.